Commercial Pipe Restoration

Commercial Pipe Restoration

ePipe (epoxy pipe lining), provides an effective solution for restoring leaking and corroded water pipes in commercial properties, hotels, health-care facilities and schools. Unlike a repipe, installation is non-invasive, economical and non-disruptive.

The patented system is based on "in-place" pipe restoration technology. Pipes are accessed through existing plumbing fixtures and valves, nearly or completely eliminating the need to cut open walls and ceilings. We can even isolate sections of the piping system allowing the remainder of the property to continue operations during the restoration. Commercial projects can be completed in phases, tailored to the customers' needs. 

Commercial Repipe Diagram


A permanent, safe, and proven solution for potable water systems, ePIPE uses only pipe lining and coating materials that are NSF 61 approved and UPC/IPC listed.

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Restoration services may be covered in full or part by your insurance provider. To connect with our pipe repair and restoration services, such as pinhole slab leak repair for your home, please contact us at 800-359-6369