ePIPE Benefits

Stops Pinhole Leaks

The epoxy lined pipe, ePIPE will last for years, preventing leaking problems in your piping system.

Reduces Lead and Copper in Water

The ePIPE restored piping system protects your pipes from corroding and pitting, and can reduce the leaching of lead and copper contaminants to below EPA and WHO standards.

Minimally Invasive

The patented ePIPE process restores your pipes without the mess and expense of a repipe.

Cost Effective

Because there is no need to destroy walls, ceilings or floors, you save a significant amount of money in reconstruction costs.

90 Minute Return to Service

Pipes are ready for return to service in as little as 90 minutes. In most cases, your water will be back on the SAME DAY!

Fast, Quiet, Clean

The ePIPE process is quiet, and unlike a repiping construction job, ePIPE restoration takes place within the pipe.

Improved Water Flow

Significant build up of corrosion or pinhole leaks can cause low water flow. The ePIPE process gives you the flow your system was intended to deliver.


If you are looking to repair pipes or fix slab and pinhole leaks, ePipe is your solution. It offers you complete and fast pipe repair and restoration at an affordable price and without disrupting your living space. For more details about our pipe, pinhole leak and slab leak repair and pipe restoration in Ventura, Riverside, Los Angeles and Orange County, CA and throughout the US, contact us at 800-359-6369